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    “Ah, so cute,” says Catalina with a smile as she looks at a sleeping Fawn on the couch.

    “Yeah, she tuckered herself out trying to keep up with us,” says Alice with a chuckle.

    “Usually it’s the other way around huh?” asks Catalina with a giggle.

    “Big time, I could tell you stories of when Carrie was little, such a bundle of energy,” says Alice with a giggle as she and Catalina are stretched out as they look at Fawn.

    “I see, sounds cute,” says Catalina with a smile.

    “Yeah, surprised you didn’t go with Catty and Carrie to meet Carrie’s friends Catalina,” says Alice.

    “I’d thought I’d stay and get to know another elastic mother,” says Catlaina.

    “Ah,” says Alice with a nod.

    Across town, Carrie is driving her jeep with Catty in the passenger’s seat, she asks, “so what do you think of Sierra Vista Catty?”

    “It’s a nice place,” says Catty with a smile.  “So where are we going first Carrie?”

    “Max’s house,” says Carrie with a smile.

    “And Max is?” asks Catty.

    “Right, you wouldn’t know,” says Carrie sheepishly.  “Well, to make a long story short, Max is my brother in all but blood, he and I were raised together since we were in diapers, Max is also the one who made me elastic by accident.”

    “Wow,” says Catty as they arrive at a large two story house.

    “Here we are,” says Carrie as she walks up to the front door and rings the doorbell.

    Soon the door is answered by a young man about Carrie’s age wearing blue jeans and a red Hawaiian print shirt with blue shells, the young man who says, “hey Carrie, what’s up?”

    “Yo Max, just came over to introduce you to my new friend Catty Snow,” says Carrie with a smile.

    Max looks at Catty, he takes his square glasses off, breathes on them, rubs them on his shirt, puts them back over his brown eyes and says, “sorry about that, wanted to make my glasses were clear, nice to meet you Catty.”

    “Thank you, you are taking my cat girl pretty well,” says Catty with a smile.

    “Simple, not the oddest thing I have seen,” says Max. “Come on in, Viper is currently out and is Roy is at a friend’s sleepover but Leela is here.”

    “Sweet, is Anna here?” asks Carrie.

    “No, Anna is living with Annie and her parents for the time being,” says Max.

    Catty walks in but gets tackled by a little orange cat girl wearing a red shirt and blue shorts.  “Who are you?”

    “I’m Leela, who are you?” asks Leela with a smile at Catty.

    “I’m Catty,” says Catty as Leela giggles at this.

    “You got a funny name,” says Leela with a giggle.

    Catty giggles as she starts to stretch while Leela holds her, “Catty also has elastic powers too,” says Carrie with a chuckle.

    “Just like mommy!” says Leela with a giggle.

    “Your mommy is elastic too?” asks Catty.

    “Yep, mommy likes to wrap around me cause she says I’m really warm,” says Leela with a smile.

    “Viper is my adopted older sister and is an elastic anthropomorphic snake,” says Max to clarify things for Catty.

    “Really?” asks Catty in surprise to which Carrie, Max and Leela nod.

    Meanwhile, said elastic snake girl is driving around town on her motorcycle with snake themed armor on it as she is wearing a two tone green full body biker suit with a full biker with snake eyes above the visor and fangs on the visor, as she drives, Viper thinks, “lookssss like a calm night, guessss I can knock it off for tonight.” As she drives, Viper doesn’t notice a figure stretching along the roofs, Viper stops at a red ligh, earning the surprised look of a few drivers when she feels something grab onto her tail and yanking her off of her bike and onto the roof. “Who’ssss the wisssse guy?!”

    “That would be me,” says a voice from the shadows, the figure steps out and leaves Viper speechless at the green skinned snake woman looking at her wearing a red Chinese dress with gold trim and a white sash around her belly as her tail sways behind her but there are differences that Viper notices, such as the new snake woman’s cleavge showing a bit though an opening in the shirt as well as dark green hair in buns tied with white ribbons.  “I heard there wassss a ssssuperhero named Rubber Boa in thissss city, wanted to check the rumorssss mysssself.”

    “Well, here I am,” says Viper.

    “Yessss, here you are,” says the snake woman as she moves her legs and sends a stretch kick at Viper that Viper bends backwards under.

    “WHAT THE HELL?!” shouts Viper at the snake woman.

    “I wissssh to ssssee if you are worthy to be called a ssssnake, you may call me Flexiviper,” says Flexiviper as she stretches her neck at Viper with her fangs bared, Viper bends out of the way, grabs Flexiviper’s neck and than she pulls on Flexiviper’s neck, making her body go up but Flexiviper smirks as she stretches her leg and kicks Viper in the head, knocking her down and making her helmet come off and roll along the roof.

    Flexiviper walks towards Viper who keeps her head hidden as Flexviper says, “not bad, not bad at all but pleasssse, you know nothing of how a ssssnake fightssss, our whole body issss a weapon!”

    “You are sssso right!” shouts Viper as she turns suddenly, stretches her neck around Flexiviper and squeezes her tightly as both glare at each other in their golden eyes.

    “Oh my, you are sssso handssssome,” says Flexiviper with a bit of a blush. “Perhapssss we can can sssstart over.”

    “Sssslight problem with that,” says Viper as she closes her eyes.

    “What?” asks Flexiviper.

    “I AM A GIRL BOA!” shouts Viper as she pulls on her neck and sends Flexiviper into a shed on the roof.

    Flexiviper getssss up, glares at Viper and says, “than you will die, thissss world can only have one elasssstic ssssnake woman and that’ssss me!” Flexiviper stretches her fingers out into long claws and rushes Viper.

    Meanwhile, a truck drives up near the building whose roof the two snakes are fighting on, inside the truck as Max and Catty, Max looks at a device he has and says, “Viper should be around here.”

    “Why did you put a tracker on Viper’s bike?” asks Catty.

    “Not a tracker, just something that tells me Viper is off her bike for more than an hour, after that, I contact her on the comm in her helmet,” says Max who notices Catty giving him an odd look. “Look, Viper is my sister and with her superheroing, I worry okay?”

    “Alright,” says Catty when Viper falls down in front of the truck. “Found her.”

    “Viper?” asks Max as Viper stands up and her suit is all ripped up. “What happened to you?”

    “Look out!” shouts Viper as she pushes the truck out of the way as Flexiviper hits the ground and starts throwing punches at Viper.

    “Who the hell is that?” asks Max in shock when he hears the window being rolled down, he looks and sees Catty stretching out of the window. “Catty!”

    “Hey Flexiviper!,” shouts Catty as she throws a stretch punch at Flexiviper.

    “Huh?” asks Flexiviper as she gets hit by the punch and gets her head sandwiched between Catty’s fist and the wall.

    “Who are you?” ask Viper as she stretches over to Catty.

    “The name is Catty Snow,” says Catty.  “I’m a friend of Carrie’s and Max’s.”

    “I sssse, my name issss Viper Green,” says Viper.

    “Nice to meet you Catty,” says Viper as Flexiviper gets up and glares at the two.

    “Plassssticat!” shouts Flexiviper at Catty

    “Plassssticat?” asks Viper to Catty.

    “My superhero name, though I’m not wearing my uniform,” says Catty as she is in her street clothes.

    “I have no idea what you are doing here but I am going to kill you both!” shouts Flexiviper as she stretches at Catty Viper.

    What comes next is a series of coils, escapes, punches, kicks and claw swipes, after which, Viper and Catty have their clothes scratched up as does Flexiviper due to Catty’s claws, Viper than says “Thissss is pointlessss!”

    “No it’ssss not,” says Flexiviper as she shows her fangs. “You forget, I am venomoussss!” She stretches her neck at the two, trying to bite them  as they dodge.

    Viper dodges and bumps into a fire hydrant, she gets an idea and shouts, “hey, I bet your venom issss jusssst like a bee ssssting!”

    “Try thissss!” shouts Flexiviper as she stretches her neck at Viper who bends out the way but Flexiviper stops before hitting the hydrant.  “Did you really think that would work?”

    “No but thissss will,” says Viper as she grabs Flexiviper’s head, rams her mouth over one of hydrant’s valves, morphs her free hand into a wrench and turns on the hydrant.

    Flexiviper’s eyes widen as the hydrant’s water rushes down her neck and starts to inflate her body, making it rounder and heavier, after a bit, Viper turns off the water and let’s go of Flexiviper’s head, making it snap back to her big, bloated water balloon of a body, Flexiviper glares at Viper and says, “I will get you for thissss!”

    “I don’t ssssee how, we jusssst got to roll you to jail,” says Viper with a smirk.

    “Yeah, end of the line Flexiviper,” says Catty with a smirk.

    “Not yet,” says Flexiviper as she concentrates and soon starts shooting water out of her mouth, with the unintended side effect of launching Flexiviper away from the two.

    “Well, that’s one way to make an escape,” says Catty,

    “Yeah,” says Viper as she looks at her torn up suit. “I need a new ssssuit.”

    “My mom might be able to help with that,” says Catty with a smile.

    “Great, let’ssss go,” says Viper with a smile as she goes to her bike and Catty goes back to the truck where Max is still stunned after watching the fight.

Snow in Sierra Vista, Part 3
Here it is, the 3rd and final part of mine and :iconAutobot7712: 's three part art trade, here we have a confrontation between my elastic snake girl hero OC Viper aka Rubber Boa and :iconAutobot7712: 's elastic snake girl villainess OC Flexipviper. 

Catalina Snow, Catty Snow and Flexiviper belong to :iconAutobot7712: 
Everyone else belongs to me.


    “What brings you by Stacey?” asks Carrie as she and her friend Stacey Evians walk into Carrie’s room.

    “Wanted to return this book Steve borrowed from you,” says Stacey as she hands Carrie a book. “Never thought you were the type to read Jules Verne.”

    Carrie smirks and ask, “Really, you think a comic geek like me is not going to read Jules Verne, the father of modern science fiction, especially his greatest work, 20,000 Thousands Leagues Under the Sea?”

    “Good point,” says Stacey with a chuckle.

    “Yep,” says Carrie with a chuckle as she puts the book back on a bookshelf as Stacey looks around the room, she sees a few Transformers figures spread around as well as comics and figurines of characters from comics.  Soon Stacey spies a necklace that appears to be a triangle made of whitish metal with three red orbs at the triangle’s points but the real eye catcher is the pink pearl in the middle of the triangle.

    “This is a beautiful necklace Carrie, where did you get it?” asks Stacey as she picks up the necklace.

    “Careful Stacey,” says Carrie as she takes the necklace from Stacey.  “This is one of my most precious treasures.”

    “Sorry but where did you get it?” asks Stacey curiously.

    “It’s quite the story Stacey,” says Carrie with a chuckle when the pearl starts to shine.

    “Mind telling me?” asks Stacey.

    “Well,” says Carrie when the pearl’s shine starts to get noticed. “What the?!”

    “What’s going on?” asks Stacey in shock at the air in front of the two starts to shift and distort as the pearl shines.

    Before Carrie can answer, a pink colored orb appears and fades, leaving behind a woman older than Carrie but younger than Stacey wearing white pants, a pink top, black and green bracelets on her wrists as she looks around in shock with wide open red eyes as her grayish-blue hair that is spiked three ways on each side waves to the side as she jerks her head back and forth until she spies Carrie and asks in a surprised and stunned tone, “Carrie?!”

    “Sabrina?!” asks Carrie in shock.

    “Is this you, is this your home?” asks Sabrina as Carrie nods and Sabrina looks around and her eyes land on Stacey.  “Who are you?”

    “I’m Stacey Evians, I’m a friend of Carrie’s, who are you?” asks Stacey.

    “I’m Sabrina Lefay,” says Sabrina. “I’m also a friend of Carrie’s.”

    “What are you doing here Sabrina?” asks Carrie, getting to the elephant in the room.

    “Wish I knew, I was just walking around the gym a bit when the air around me started to distort and soon a pink orb formed around and here I am,” says Sabrina.

    “Hmm, my pendant started to shine,” says Carrie as she looks at it. “Could that have had something to do with it?”

    “I don’t see why Palkia would do this,” says Sabrina.

    “True,” says Carrie.  “Though there stories in this world of the gods doing things on whims, so I guess Palkia wouldn’t be too different.”

    “Makes sense to me,” says Sabrina with a sigh.  “Still, I left without warning, Alakazam, Haunter and the others are probably all worried about me.”

    “Speaking of  pokemon, how is Lucy?” asks Carrie.

    “Lucy is doing good, she misses you terribly though Carrie,” says Sabrina.

    “Alright, what the hell are you two talking about?!” shouts Stacey as she got fed up with being left out of the conversation.

    “Long story,” says Carrie as she holds up the pendant.  “The same long story behind this necklace.”

    “Yes, it is a long story Stacey,” says Sabrina.

    “Mind telling me?” asks Stacey with her arms crossed.

    “It would take too long to tell you,” says Sabrina as she starts to walk towards Stacey and her eyes glow a bit.

    “What the hell are you doing?” asks Stacey as the hairs on the back of her neck start to stand up.

    “Easy Stacey,” says Carrie as she gets between Stacey and Sabrina, she than looks at Sabrina. “Sabrina, tell her what you are going to do okay?”

    “Alright,” says Sabrina with a nod as her eyes still glow and one of Carrie’s Transformers starts to levitate into the air. 

    “WHOA!” shouts Stacey at this as the Transformer, Thundercracker flies in front of Sabrina.

    “I am a psychic Stacey, I was planning to share with you my memories of the story so it would be much faster than telling you,” says Sabrina as she flicks her hands a bit and the Thundercracker figure is transformed into a jet and flown around the room a bit and touches down on Carrie’s desk.

    “That was so cool!” says Carrie with a smile as Sabrina smirks.

    “So let me get this straight, you wanna do Vulcan mind meld with me?” asks Stacey.

    “A what?” asks Sabrina in confusion.

    “No Stacey, not a mind meld, think of it like she wants to download something into your mind,” says Carrie.

    Stacey just looks at Carrie in shock and says, “What the hell Carrie, do you hear yourself?!”

    “What?” asks Carrie. “It doesn’t hurt.”

    “She did it to you?” asks Stacey in shock.

    “The opposite really” says Sabrina in her defense.

    “Sabrina looked into my mind cause I was unconscious and there were something she needed to know,” says Carrie.

    “Like what?” asks Stacey

    “How I became elastic,” says Carrie as she and Sabrina both stretch out their torsos.

    “How?!” asks Stacey in surprise at Sabrina’s elasticity.

    “If you would allow me, I would show you,” says Sabrina.

    “Fine,” says Stacey with sigh. “But if you mess with my mind.”

    “I won’t,” says Sabrina as she puts her finger onto Stacey’s forehead and closes her eyes.

    Stacey’s eyes widen she sees  Sabrina’s memories of her adventure with Carrie.



AyumuHunter's B-day gift
Here is my late birthday present for my best DA friend, :iconAyumuHunter: , he wanted to see a meeting between my oc Carrie, his oc Stacey and his rubberized version of Sabrina from pokemon, what's this, Carrie and Sabrina have met before, how did that happen, you will have to wait and see, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :iconAyumuHunter: !

Carrie bel
ongs to me.

Stacey bel
ongs to :iconAyumuHunter: 

Sabrina bel
ongs to Nintendo/Gamefreak.

Thundercracker/ Transf
ormers belong to Hasbro/Takara

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea bel
ongs to Jules Verne.



I hope everyone has a Happy Year's Eve, remember, don't drink and drive, it's just stupid.

P.s. Expect more stuff from me next year.


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